VILD MAD (or “Wild Food” in English) is a comprehensive and free resource designed to help the public sustainably explore and taste wild food. The project is being launched in Denmark in August 2017, with two free mobile apps and a website in both English and Danish, a curriculum for Danish schools, and foraging workshops led by fifty park rangers around the country. 


Foraging helped shape the flavors and philosophy of noma’s kitchen, and we believe it can be an incredible tool for people to get acquainted with their landscape; discover new flavors and ingredients; and improve our understanding of where food comes from. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved in VILD MAD once it launches later this summer. For now, get a first look by checking out

MAD’s ambition is that VILD MAD will serve as a model in Denmark. We hope that our project can be an inspiration for others to do the same elsewhere. A fundamental aspect of the project is to be as open as possible with sharing our technology and information to enable this to happen. We would like to warmly thank both Nordea-fonden and our dynamic group of collaborators for making this project possible.

If you’d like to have more information, or if you need help to start your own wild food project, please reach out to Mikkel at [email protected].


About MAD

MAD (taken from the Danish word for “food”) is a nonprofit organization that brings together a global cooking community with a social conscience, a sense of curiosity, and an appetite for change.