MAD Mondays


A couple times a year we hold a smaller sister event to its larger symposium- always on a Monday (one of the few days most chefs have free). MAD Mondays are intimate town-hall style talks and demonstrations that deal with new topics, and have so far popped up in communities around Denmark and America.

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For each event we invite speakers from different disciplines to all speak on one central theme, following roughly the same format as symposiums, sometimes even feeding into the larger discourse of a given symposium, or providing insight into auxiliary issues. We are always looking for new opportunities and partnerships to host MAD Mondays across Europe and America, and bring our initiatives and message to new audiences outside of Denmark.

MAD Mondays have dealt with issues like:

Trash or Treasure
How can we understand waste? And how should we move forward, if we want a beautiful, sustainable future?

What We Talk About When We Talk About Being a Chef
Chefs and a writer come together to debate what it means to be a chef.

More Talks About Critics and Food
A Discussion about who has the authority when it comes to restaurant criticism.

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About MAD

MAD (taken from the Danish word for “food”) is a not-for-profit organization that works to expand knowledge of food to make every meal a better meal; not just at restaurants, but every meal cooked and served. Good cooking and a healthy environment can and should go hand-in-hand, and the quest for a better meal can leave the world a better place than we found it. MAD is committed to producing and sharing this knowledge and to taking promising ideas from theory to practice.