MAD Monday: What We Talk About When We Talk About Being a Chef

New York City

About the event

On March 10, 2014, MAD hosted its first event outside of Copenhagen: a New York City edition of MAD Mondays, its regular series of discussions on the future of food. Titled “What We Talk About When We Talk About Being a Chef,” the dialogue took place at the Drawing Center and featured Peter Meehan as moderator and Mario Batali, Gabrielle Hamilton, Bill Buford, Riad Nasr, and Lee Hanson as panelists.

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Being a Chef” focusd on what it means to work as a chef today, from the perspective of five veterans—four chefs and one author—who’ve witnessed the evolution of the cooking profession over the past two decades. What has changed? What mistakes have they made and what have they learned? Where is the trade going?

You can listen to the conversation here:

About MAD

MAD (taken from the Danish word for “food”) is a not-for-profit organization that works to expand knowledge of food to make every meal a better meal; not just at restaurants, but every meal cooked and served. Good cooking and a healthy environment can and should go hand-in-hand, and the quest for a better meal can leave the world a better place than we found it. MAD is committed to producing and sharing this knowledge and to taking promising ideas from theory to practice.