Margot Henderson on femininity in the kitchen.

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The human gut is home to an autonomous brain containing around 500 million neurons of twenty different types.

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Iliana Regan chronicles her dabble in raising carpenter ants fit for a plate.

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Ask the Flavor Doctor, she has answers to your kitchen woes with the science to back it up.

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The cook was one of the highest-ranking officials of the empire and in charge of running the court.

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_B2V9068 (1)

Martha Payne on school lunches and feeding the students of Malawi.

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Michael Twitty journeys back to West Africa to explore the history and heritage of Carolina rice.

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Discover the fertile crops of the woods, unearth roots that taste like cinnamon.  Experience the flavors of the seasons, learn to harvest and cook with them. 

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To make our global food system more sustainable, we need to support the farmers market.

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Should you really go for the cheapest chicken in the market, or give it another thought?

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A means through which sustainable food sovereignty can be achieved across the globe.

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chang star wars

David Chang on the allures of the kitchen’s dark side and its battle against the light.

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We need to approach the past not with nostalgia, but with a critical eye.

Massimo Bottura 

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World Bank, Washington, DC

MAD at the World Bank: “The Future of Food”

On April 16th, MAD traveled to the World Bank, in Washington, DC, to host a session of talks on this issue before some of the world’s most influential figures—an opportunity we were thrilled to share with David Chang and a couple of other friends.

About MAD

MAD (taken from the Danish word for “food”) is a not-for-profit organization that works to expand knowledge of food to make every meal a better meal; not just at restaurants, but every meal cooked and served. Good cooking and a healthy environment can and should go hand-in-hand, and the quest for a better meal can leave the world a better place than we found it. MAD is committed to producing and sharing this knowledge and to taking promising ideas from theory to practice.